Friday, March 31, 2006

The Florid Spring of Discontent:

BC Bird:

A letter to the central committee of the Iraqi Communist Party (inside the Green Zone, Baghdad):

In the beginning I would like to point that our work, since the fifth conference till this moment, did not differ in the style about what was followed in the past. Also, the electoral systems that we have adopted are elusive because the course of action does not match the rhetoric.


Although the region had experienced unprecedented changes, the party did not achieve any bravery work since the fascists’ coup of 8th February 1963 – except for the heroic involvement in the Iraq Kurdistan during the struggle against the regime of Saddam, but that was a direct result to the regime’s bloody assailment rather than a party strategy.


Before the 2003 war we have posted up a slogan of “no for war and no for dictatorship” which simply translated into yes for dictatorship. Because for the past 25 years we wanted to remove the dictator but we failed. Imagine Hala (Mr. Saddam’s daughter) would be ruling Iraq with a fist for many years! Our slogan should have been “no for occupation and no for fascism”


And although our slogans clearly represented solid anti-war stance to include the war political agenda, we were the first to be recruited into Bremer’s transitional government by tabling excuses such as the good faith of the Kurds and that of the loving Arabs in the out-come of the war. We should never have partaken in this farce political composition, which is a work of those who have been brought by the foreign tanks and the caring self-interest Arabs.


Who is Alawi? He is not part of our league neither us are part of his. And he could betray us as the Baath party did when it reversed the process of scientific socialism. We cannot rely on him just because he promised us colorful ministerial positions. He will forget all about us when the Oil deals start to pile up his desk.


And this future ministerial chair (the bait that we have swallowed) will be given to those who did not even have a clue about the monumental struggle of the party. And some of those party members past efforts did not surpass the ‘Latmiat’ and the indulging on Husseinyiats’ stew and porridge. And some even believe in witchcraft spiting on faces to rid of Satan


We need a conferences to study all the current political probabilities and the different spectrums as we have the know-how and the long past experience.

We had a forum recently at (…..), London and a senior party member had asked me should we maintain the current course, we told him to wait a bit longer; his reply was unequivocal: “This is an urgent matter because the comrades need to make a move”

Singed by: F.L. ../03/2006


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