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Saddamists and invaders’ common mediocrities win them a reprieve

… and perhaps was one of the primary reasons behind the outcome of the latest Iraqi formed government.

Today, Al Maliki is back in power resolutely like never before while the rest of the political parties, although they seem more evident, yet are dysfunctional more than ever.

Back in 2005 when the Saddamists resistance looked invincible and ready to reshape the outcome of the absurd invasion, it was then when they stumbled upon the inevitable third power: the Shiite resistance, and instead of embracing this developing force they, unsurprisingly, turned the clock hands 45 year earlier on to envisage – and what else – a single malignant authority instead of sharing it with other factions of the Iraqi people, on the basis that the Shiites are Iranians by nature – a supposition only shared by the daft pundits. The Saddamists preferred to go ahead and team up with the ex-CIA terrorists (Takifirs -so called Qaeda members) and boycotted the political process – resulting in force majeure for a hodgepodge constitution, rather than seeing Shiites Self-Determination. As a result, the Iranians found a fertile land for power sharing in the arena and the Hawza stayed in with a more sound effectiveness.

After the horrific period of 2006-2007 the Saddamists had finally realized that the Shiites are indestructible and decided to strike a deal with the Bush regime in Iraq and cleared the way for a clash between the US junta and the Shiites, which in reality never fully took place. The Shiites, knowing what they were in for, regrouped and accommodated the new ordeal, and that what prompted a lull in daily clashes and it was, also, the commencement of the political process.

Today Al Maliki is in the balancing power; on one hand he has the Shiite resistance ready to unleash its fury, conversely, he has the Saddamists powered by the US junta and the Wahabis; a delicate scale that could tip over by drop of a tiny amount of sand. However, what is at stake here is the Shiites’ fate – as it’s always been, which is directly linked to Al Hawza and the lurching bloody past of The Baathists.

The King of Iraq – installed by the British invaders back in 1920s once said that he was doomed for being squashed between educated Sunnis who favored the invaders and hated him and ill-educated Shiites who favored him and hated the invaders! So that’s how it goes even after almost a 100 years. The ill-educated Shiites have been played at the hands of the Marjiya/Hawza as well as the doubtful Sunnis and they will eventually pay the price, whereas the Saddamists might come out ‘clean’- mercy!, even if it meant bowing down to the Iranians as their Don Saddam did in Algeria back in 1975 – perhaps it was then when he developed a back disk!!

The US Junta willingness to budge down to the Iranians in Iraq is remained to be seen. If the US regime in Iraq could get a break from the Mullas then chances are that the entire region will be affected – a scenario worth 200 years of Iranian Natural gas, ain’t bad even if it meant Shiites suppression for another 500 years!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Who’s training who?!

Before he was sacked Faisal was stationed in Baghdad, occupying a sardine-sized prefab housing in the so called green zone. He was reporting to one of the US junta’s offices under the title that was similar to a relationship manager, liaising between the occupiers and the Iraqi army officers, who he referred to as Colonels “Bebbers” due to the fact that none of Iraqi officers can differentiate between the letter P and B in any given word. Therefore, Peppers definitely sounds like Bebbers when it is blurted out by those Iraqi colonels. I met Faisal on his way back to the US permanently. He truly believes that if there is one reason behind the flagrant failure of the US mission then it has got to be the absolute lack or nonexistent communications between the US junta and the Iraqi government, which is primarily blamed on those Iraqi army officers who he thinks their true allegiance is to their personal self-interests and nothing else.

Faisal said that almost 95% of the time reporting was either miscommunicated or purposely misadvised due to the language barrier or the bad intentions. And he says that if those Iraqi officers are operating on earth then the government most certainly is in Mars. He said that the US forces’ agenda is quite clear and unsubtle in the reporting but it has never been properly conveyed. He adds that the Iraqi government is worried about the US forces leaving Iraq is a blunt example of the ignoramus state that the Iraqi government finds itself in because the US forces have made it clear that there won’t be any Iraq-left-alone policy at any cost, and that a sizable permanent contingency of the Junta is staying until the turn of the 21 century and beyond.

Faisal is quite adamant that at this current puny level of communication, the Iraqi army will require not less than 8-10 years of legitimate training by the US forces to be able to stand on its feet and properly serve the Iraqi people. Although Faisal is quite supportive of the US he refers to funny things have taken place, which he interrupts them as US national security requirements. For instance, Faisal is a staunch opponent of Iran and the Shiite faction but he says that Iran maintains back door channels with the US, which he does not thoroughly approve of. He also agrees that, unlike 3 years ago, the US is on the right track with the “good!” Baathists.

Faisal had irreconcilable differences with a new Pentagon appointee and accordingly his job was terminated. He said when he was leaving quite a few Iraqi officers asked him to keep in touch so he could help them in the US once they managed to get their green cards!!

When I heard Faisal I was wondering when this Iraqi farce will ever come to an end? If the Iraqi army officers are planning to settle in the US and the US Junta is remaining in Iraq for another 100 years then how on earth for any future Iraqi government to be able to mandate, ever?!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

A dirty war rages on behind Democracy’s Iron Curtain

Jamil was a mere 17 years old when the invaders rolled in their NATO weaponry into the streets of Baghdad. Then, he was looking forward to enroll into a next year university program to pursue economics; however, the invasion had changed his luck for good. Today Jamil – origin of Abu Ghraib, is part of what is called the Elite force. A team which was established by Petraeus when he finally gave in to the Saddamist resistance back in 2007 - a time when the US junta was being constantly crushed in between an Iranian hammer and a Saddamist anvil, during the totalitarian regime of Bush in Iraq.

Petraeus – who seemed to be the best thing that happened to the Baathists since the invasion of Kuwait, had laid the ground to the most brutal Delta Force that Iraq has ever witnessed since those days of the Elite forces of the old Iraqi army (who fought horrific wars against the Kurds in Kurdistan, back in the 70s.) From a literary point of view, these young empowered men can be drawn as example in parallel line to those rabid dogs, which were trained by the pigs in the classics book “the Animal Farm”.

Jamil, who is found of his latest Ford Mustang, is a sworn in, hard core freedom fighter - like the rest of his team members, against the lurching evil forces of the Iranians in Iraq. Jamil’s primary goal is to liberate Iraq from the influence of the Iranians everywhere. He thinks that Iranians do not represent the true spirit of the Iraqi resistance against the US, because the US is no longer considered an enemy. Conversely, his real enemy is what he calls “Al Marjiya” (the highest authority of the Shiites in Iraq) which was then the core enemy of Saddam – God bless his soul!, as Jamil says. He, as he reiterates, undoubtedly voted for Eyad Alawi (a Shiite by born only). When a friend asked Jamil about the Takfiris (so called Al Qaeda) Jamil’s laughed at their present situation in Iraq and said these people can be beaten any time and when it is necessary!!

Jamil constantly brags of his heroic operations in Al Thawra city (Sadr city), Basrah and rouge other places in Baghdad. He says the current madness in the security stems from the fact that Iran is trying to generate a chaos until it can form its own backed government. However, Jamil and his team members had, also, served Al Maliki’s government several times when it was required, which demonstrates the schizophrenic malaise of Iraq’s current affair. From the little time one spends with Jamil one realizes that Iraq will soon be prevailed by hire to kill gangsters- whether they are driven by ideology or sheer profit. These gangsters will be there to heed for calls of death when it is required.

When we look at the sinister and vile Iranian role In Iraq, which even turned the US junta into good guys and the Saddamists into freedom fighters, one cannot stop wondering if there are any decent factions or group of people left out there to fight the noble cause of the true Iraqi people. When I think of Eyad Alawi – the most politically bankrupt Arabic politician in the history of Iraq, and how he has been entrenched in a stooge role to rule Iraq with one of the slimmest margins lead ever realized by voting outcome, I keep on wondering just for how long the Iraqis will be taken on a circus ride?

Looking at it with total detachment, it does seem that the ugly Mullas of Iran are the only anti-US junta forces that have left in the arena, and while the comedy of this tragedy lingers on at its full weight, I cry out loud: who will ever hear those Iraqi widows sobs, while the entire government is being locked in the greens zone behind Democracy’s iron curtain?!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Elections Top Winners

The Arab countries: 91 seats

Iran: 89 seats

The American Junta: King seat

Monday, January 25, 2010

Spanish flair

The tale was quite extraordinary but it could have sounded rather banal for those who still have inclination towards reminiscing recent history, well, not so recent after all. It’s about a point in time at which the Spanish democracy was re-instituted through a “coup d’etat” that looked as absurd as a staged drama from a Don Quixote scene; however, if a similar analogy would ever occur in Iraq then the consequences would be as catastrophic as the Spanish Inquisitions.

The man that relayed the anecdote is well-versed and has some damned good connection with the ministry of electricity. He tells me of threads of a scenario, which is quite convoluted, that have been sown into staging a coup right after the elections by army officers, who will in turn request the invaders and the head of the state to reestablish the course of democracy by filtering out the political arena from the polluting sediments, and all is done in the name of the Iraqi people. By then, the invaders will bestow their bless on the democratic system - giving it a pulse of life, by eventually handing over the decision to the new government in order to steer the rudder, and, again, all is done in the name of the Iraqi people.

The perfect picture will be farmed when the Iranian government nods to these chains of events and will kick off a series of talks between Obama and the Iranians – a move which may have far reaching implications. The trailing Obama will have the chance to bounce back and the Iranians will put an end to their political stalemate – Iranians may think it is about time to end western corporations from benefiting off of Iran’s recent political farce.

All in all is ginger peachy but not so fast: any staged coup d’etat will not stop right at the TV stations or to be warped up with some flippant and saucy communiqué. In Iraq, coups are taken seriously, and will not spare that Pinochet-style blood bath that always comes along with it – ask the British; they know very well how they dragged us into that puny morass state of affairs - 1958 thru 1964!

If anyone is contemplating such a move, then we may have to be prepared for the worst, as it may end up so damned bad that it could even surpass those horrifying, torrential consequences that came about right after that very wicked day on which Iraq was invaded.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Democracy Clinically Dead

October 25th 2009:

155 nos. innocent people dead

October 31st 2009 (Halloween Special!):

VOTE for the new Iyad Allawi Coalition!

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