Friday, May 26, 2006

Apocalyptic Communitas

Streets Streaks (eyewitness):

The madness continues in the Mamoun district - one of the western districts of Baghdad, along with its neighboring Al Mansour, Adawoodi and Al Yarmouk districts, where a lucrative cargo cults of Mujahdeen (Pashtoon style short-‘Dishdashed’, Arabian Machiavellians, Baatho-forces, Anti-US forces, Star & Stripes under-shirts and God knows what) have been dancing the requiem off for the past few months.

A few days ago one young student was going back home from Al Mamoun Intermediate School for Boys where his parents were expecting him. The lad never showed up. His family – as the custom goes! – waited for the kidnapper’s ransom phone call, but that too never came.

The next morning, the first school boys who reached the school gate found the missing pupil a dead body thrown right there. He was shot twice in the head. And written instructions attached to the corpse detail the new ‘dress code’: “Any student puts jeans on, applies hair jell or wears neck chains will meet the same fate”.


At 1:57 PM, Blogger azhar said...

My nepheu is a student at this school in the first grade the same class as that boy , that day when he came back from school he was very scared he did not leave the house untill this day .

At 12:30 PM, Blogger AL Tarrar said...

Dear Ms. Azhar,

We are very sorry for the plight of your nephew and his parents and family. Everyone has been victimized by this horrific crime.

We, at BC, are nonaffiliated, nonsectarian Iraqis who their sole objectified subjectivity is to tell the bare truth, uncolored.

We encourage people like you to speak out; as we deem it’s time for things to be told as they are and not as they seem!


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