Thursday, May 18, 2006

The NEW season of Hekmatyar FIVE-O series!

BC analysis:

After the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan in 1989, the Mujaheddin groups began house-sweep cleaning by turning their US-supplied weapons on each other, and on the civilian population of Afghanistan. The US backed extremist Mr. Gulbuddin Hekmatyar - a close friend of bin Laden then and staunched opponent of the women liberation; began to rocket shelling Kabul and eventually to control the city after its fall.

The rise of Hekmatyar and his defense minister the Tajik Mr. Ahmad Shah Masoud - before his defection to the Northern Alliance, had led the race to the stardom of Afghanistan's warlords and cave-warfare ideologies. Hekmatyar – with total US consent, had implemented the harshest civil laws ever existed in that country’s history to that epoch. For instance, the dress codes were custom-tailored as per Fatwas to peculiar attire such as Mujaheddins’ outfit and their head-ensembles; also, the introduction of women’s bizarre and remote tribal meshed-face-set and covered sandals. Rigid segregation of genders and genders’ voice was employed too, and the list goes on. All signs of simple modern civilities were assailed as well, for example, ice was considered un-religion water source, music was a mind pollutant; vinegar was banned for being a source of Alcohol, chopping heads off was a court mandate, clergies were executed in open sports field for failing to rein to government’s convene etc. In brief, the infrastructure was set for the Taliban to flourish.

4 years later the Taliban was driven into power, with the help of the current Pakistani president-de-facto Mr. Musharaf, by ousting Hekmatyar’s rule and to establish the first official Takfiri state in the modern history of mankind.

Today and after three years of the US occupation of Iraq, Fallujah, Ramadi and many other parts of Baghdad is going through the exact cloned rites of passage. All the aforementioned Murphy’s laws are being practiced by Hekmatyarites juntas. Their rules are just as harsh and maniac, however, what will come of this is even more maddening for the nation of Iraq; that is the making way for a Taliban style tenet in the Mesopotamia to harbor Caliph & king-financed terror groups (militias) to be implicated in global crimes, and to further entrench the Iraqis in history’s vicious loopholes.


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