Saturday, June 03, 2006

Hassoon AL Amriki!

Hassoon AL Amriki!

Al Tarrar – GZ Watch:

His name is Daniel Speckhart and he is at the level of American Ambassador in the Green Zone. He has often spoken of the unsubstantiated evidence of the severe health effects caused by the use of the Depleted Uranium. Today he is the head of Iraq reconstruction, and his mental stimulus is propped up along this line of thought: “This is a big challenge. There's been more than 30 years of decay and neglect (in Iraq)” Speckhart 2005.

In the above picture (first from right with specs!) he is shown at a power plant in Kirkuk in the beginning of 2006, vowing a 12 hours/day of power to be resorted to the Iraqis by summer 2006. Today is summer. And we have a mere 3 hours/day of ‘restored’ electricity.

Speckhart says from now on Iraqis should seek finance (sort of beg) for the rebuilding of the their country from the Arabian Gulf states, and they (Iraqis) should not expect to have what we have in the US overnight!

Frankly, mister Speckhart, we really couldn’t care less to have what you have in the US ever, that’s to say crooks. The last thing Iraq needs is an Enron vision

We call upon the Iraqi government (under occupation) to revoke this man’s diplomatic status and send him home packing.

Two things happen when you host a pig; your house will smell and the pig will enjoy it.

If our engineers had been risking their lives for the past three years, and for peanuts pay to help the country stands back on its feet was not good enough, then the hell with it.

This time let’s bring the Chinese in to help us setting up one of their epic projects and we will pay them with our own money (our Oil money). If we had done so since that picture was taken, then by now we would have REALLY had the power back on.


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