Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Plan

BC has acquired a copy of the plan (allegedly acquired by an infiltrator!) that the Prime Minister spoke of yesterday in the parliament, in which it details the conquering of west of Baghdad by armed forces. The Plan and the PM’s speech have apparently fueled an arms race amongst the warring parties as they are seemingly embracing for a full scale civil war.

The plan, which calls for US cooperation, is even more comprehensive to explicitly talks about the burning of entire areas like Al Thawra and Al Shoula as well as Al Ghazaliya. It points out the precise methods of using fuel trucks, bomb-stuffed live stocks and incognito cleaning workers; conventional weapons, assassinations (in names and titles) and incrimination methodologies. Also, it details some extraordinary ways of handling the vital areas and the different situations in Baghdad and Nejef.

TV stations, major mosques and schools, bridges and roads (in names and vivid details) are to be controlled and some others to be bombed in order to isolate civilians who will be coerced into fleeing to their affiliated sectarian areas, and some others must be killed at all costs!

The PM vowed to crush such plan, which in turn escalated the intensity amongst the political power hubs.

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