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Witchcraft Phlegm

BC - Analysis:

During the invasion of the Soviet Union of Afghanistan in the early 80s the US & Saudi financed Takfiris and Salafis had terrorized Kabul with suicide bombers, and hijacking and killing innocent people by chopping their heads off and dumping them on secluded roads. They, also, waged one of the most brutal and nasty bombing campaigns and political assassinations in the history of Afghanistan. Then the free world media did not cover these medieval crimes, and if Al Jazeera & FOX satellite news existed at that time then they would have probably quoted the Reagan Admin by referring to those murderers Takfiris and Salafis as Freedom Fighters.

Perhaps the cold war then was much important in terms of ideological values and capital gains than to pay attention to the tens of acid-burnt women faces, and to a few hundreds of headless, blue-colored and rotten bodies found dumped in some third world country’s roads, a country, which, after all, is inhabited by lower caste of the world social order!

After the fall of Kabul in the hands of the ‘Takfiri liberators’ came the rise of the US-backed
Hekmatyar while, simultaneously, the crimes of the Islamic fundamentalists were making headlines for the first time in the free world.

In today’s Iraq the US has finally given in (instead of loser denial) to their fate in this grim history re-visited, and realized that to live with a Hekmatyar rule, after all, can’t be that bad as they had already catered to it before, and, also, can’t be hard to achieve if the existing blue prints are to be slightly modified.

The current US admin have recognized that the Baathists and the western tribes were born, raised and staying in Iraq. And if they have lost the battle of 2003 then they are far from losing any war here. So why not the US bet on those who can deal with and control these neo-Takfiris than swinging the cradle of those whose main crying agony is for some history figure that died in the seventh AD?

Ideologically the Baath is a secular party (mainly from western tribes), and right after the fall of Baghdad they decided to hit anyone that could avenge their previous viciousness to include Iraqis of all walks of life (Sunnis and Shiites) and specially those suspected to be cooperating with the new government(s). And as the conflict equation was transformed into a sectarian struggle of Sunni-Shiite (unlike Baathist - non Baathist) the Baathists or Saddamists as referred to today, have eventually encouraged links with fanatic Islamists and Takfiri groups (similar to the US policy in Afghanistan in the 80s), whose primary ideological goal is the eradication of the invaders and, this time, the Shiites too.

In their private meetings the Baathists insist on the necessity to keep the situation as chaotic and unstable as possible because they deem that this is the best way (a fire wall) to defend themselves and to stay safe, which proved to be working.

What is
taking place in Baghdad today is the beginning of Baghdad beyond the US physical presence. The Baathists have divided the city into sectors and mainly east and west (professionals and vocationals). Head of each city division is responsible for executing the plans that are set by the Baath party leaders, and the objective is the annihilation of the Shiite working and elite classes in the Sunni stronghold, from carpenters (45 nos killed), Bakers (100 nos killed), to Doctors (more than 30 killed), professors & educators (more than 600 nos. killed), and the well-crafted list, also, includes engineers, judges, school principals, and public servants and even icemen and butchers!

During the mentioned process
severe civic codes are being implemented as a display of fear in terms of strict attires and looks for young women and men, prohibition of music and alcohol etc. (the Baathists had already practiced these strict rules 1972 thru 74)

The plan is set to target an increase in population of 65% Sunnis in Baghdad and later in Iraq within 25 years – when Mr. Bush, Mr. Cheney and Mr. Rumsfeld are probably dead. It is shear madness; however, this constitution-driven ambitious plan can be a way out for the US Admin if the cards are played right.

The Bush Admin’s main worries are Iran, The Takfiris, The resistance and, of course, the Democrats.

The scenario is if a strict Hekmatyar style regime (totally anti Iranians) with a number of parliamentary seats could control the Takfiris, and become a negotiating mouthpiece for the resistance, and, also, could restore the stability and security back, then there is absolutely no qualms in defeating the Democrats in every major election there is.

Also, the Takfiris can always come handy to be unleashed to castigate those naughty Shiites who either work behind doors with the Iranians, or run counter-gangs operations.

But first the invaders must fairly restrain the Solaghite death squads, assail Mr. Al-Sadr’s power and perhaps exterminate him, and negotiate with the curmudgeon Mr. Al Hakim. As for the Kurds, the wife of Darius – the emperor of old Persia, once said: the Kurds’ best friend is the mountain.

The trend has already started in other provinces. The US forces have all of the sudden pulled out of Fallujah! And there is a major battle taking place in Ameriyat Al Fallujah between the elite tribes of Albu Essa and the Takfiris (will brief our readers later).

This 'Nero' reality is underway and has already been institutionalized. The world community should understand that there will be a day when a Saddam alter ego is democratically elected in power. Ample similar examples are found today in central Asia.

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