Sunday, March 11, 2007

Al Mowhobeen

BC -

Al Mowhobeen in Arabic translates into the ‘naturally gifted’.

During the era of the deceased ex -president of Iraq, Saddam Hussein the naturally gifted students who superseded those of their own age in studies were given the opportunity to enroll in special schools to advance faster in their academic years, and to eventually enter universities at younger ages.

In the mid of the year of 2003 those schools were permanently closed down and the students were dispersed. But some times in early 2006 the Iraqi government provided a list (males) of those Mowhobeen to the invaders authority (the USA in precise) so they could help to export them to the west in order to continue their academic progress. And effectively, the USA took up on that course of action and in late summer 2006 the first group of Mowhobeen was transferred to the USA.

The orientation given to those students were quite bizarre and rather eccentric and below are a few to mention:

When in the USA;

1. Never stride brazenly or stoop-walk.
2. When you walk you never make a noise with your shoes!
3. When asked if you are hungry reply by either yes or no, no one will force you to eat!
4. When you talk never touch sensitive parts of your body!!
5. When in public don’t hold hands with your male friends or display any emotional feelings towards them. It is a sign of homosexuality.
6. Don’t grow a beard. Americans prefer hairless faces!!
7. Dress normal!
8. Avoid discussing issues about religion, politics, sex and money!!

Can there be any thing more eccentric that the aforementioned?!

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