Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Risible Maysoon threatens to destabilize Tehran!!


In her recent interview on Sawa Radio (owned and paid by the US congress) Ms. Maysoon Aldamluji (current ‘lottery-won’ MP) has threatened to meddle with Iran’s internal affairs if the Iranian government does not stop interfering in Iraq’s!!

Would Ms. Aldamluji be so kind to elaborate further on her valuable resources by which she will be able to intrude In Iran’s affairs? Or perhaps her belch-upon-a-slab-of-marble is just added voodoo phlegm that the Iraqis out side the green zone will have to pay for it dearly?

Maybe some would appreciate Ms. Maysoon’s unique effort to rebuild Iraq from the comfort of her luxurious and posh flat in London, or when she takes her afternoon bicycle rides inside the green zone while contemplating a brighter future, but the majority of Iraqis who is living a mere tens of meters outside the green zone walls cannot take more burdens due to politicians’ lame and rancid statements.

… Another idiot Iraqi politician like lambs to the slaughter!

... What’s up, Maysoon? Say; …aaah, would you happen to know how to nail a Takfiri?!!

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