Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Plan Surge; some kind of a rooster chase?

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The so called Plan Surge is one hake of an Arabic labyrinth to pertain some bizarre schemes of allocating Iraqi non-melting pot of army officers, and SAVAK style personnel - quite reminiscing of those last days of Shah of Iran, Mr. Reza Pahlavi

The entire civil government bodies have been grafted with hodgepodge odd Iraqi ranked security workforce that each will correspond to its sect! (presuming that’s been figured out)

Orders will be given from various control units around Baghdad (9-11 units) and the occupiers’ Air Force is estimated to be engaged in ‘hundreds’ of combats (upon signals!) during a course of one day, which will include taking out any reneged!!

If there is one thing that could describe the situation is
this. Another issue is that there is no political agenda in place for the aftermath of the upcoming mortal hide and seek games. Although, there is a word that a new character is to take the center stage!

Also, the Jund Al Sama incident has triggered high sentiments of “invaders-out-of-Iraq” amongst the general public.

And, finally, the latest model of 3X3 Jeep Wrangler has been spotted in Al Thawra (Sadr) City:

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