Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Water War

BC -

Baghdad has become the first modern capital in the world to actually experience the Water War which is widely thought to be the future world war III

There wasn't any fresh drinking water in large parts of Baghdad and for 4 days. We had a mere of 5 liters of water a day in our house of 4 bedrooms.

In some areas the water trickled down to zero since last week. The invaders had cut off the water in Al-Khadimiya area since morning as a retribution for Al-Khadimiya’s residents’ support for the Sadrists.

The Water War commenced since the confrontation between the Sadrists and the invaders backed armed forces escalated in El-Shula, Al-Biya, Al-Thawra and Al-Ammel – all have been isolated separately.

Al-Maliki has, for the first time and unintentionally, uncovered the big game behind the myth of the Shia crescent, when he coined some Sadrtists elements as Baathists in disguise!! Which triggered the ancient struggle within the Shia sect between one faction that supports the Ayatollah state (in favor: Maliki, Hakim, Iran, the invaders, and the Baathists) and the counter faction that supports Ahl El-Bayt state - which stipulates a future emergent Imam that will rule the nation (in favor: Sardrists and Ahl El-Sahan)

When the invaders wage propaganda warfare by insinuating Muqtada’s escape to Iran, they are in fact playing the internecine deep-rooted faith differences between the Iranians and the Shia culture of Iraq. If Sadr is in Iran it means his large number of his followers are left without a divine providence and will be under the merci of Ayatollahs. Bear in mind, more than 70% of Iraqi soldiers that fought the Iran-Iraq war were Shiites!

Baghdad’s streets have turned empty and sordid. No heavy military hardware is seen as before. It is believed they are drawn into Diyala region. Areas like El-Dura and Hai Al-Adel have turned into regional Islamic governments with their own officials! Some Green Zone employees have not yet received their salaries and prices are going through the roof. People again are talking about an imminent change.

Al Maliki has finally thrown in the towel to the neo Baathists and their new allies – the invaders. But one thing remains certain and that is no voice can hitherto be louder than the resistance – not even the Takfiris suicide bombs.

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