Friday, July 06, 2007

Jackass of the Month: Brig. Gen. Steven Anderson

BC -

Brig. Gen. Steven Anderson, deputy chief of staff for resources and sustainment of the so-called MNF-I (Multi National Force – Iraq) has boasted in an Arabic written communiqué, the great achievement of the invaders by hiring ‘200 nos’!! Iraqis in the last 4 years in the industrial sectors at Camp Eco. Also, he brags about hiring ‘two’! and up to 20 Iraqis for a few projects that are due to be completed after the summer 2007.

BC would like to know what kind of Mickey Mouse industrial projects are those that for the past four years managed to employ a mere 200 Iraqis?!! Before the invasion a fully-automated Iraqi factory (with high profits on return) for Air conditioning units hired more than 200 workers including the logistic team.

Brig. Anderson adds that he is seriously encouraging ‘small’ projects for Iraqis so they can get their acts together – you bet, Brig. Anderson!

Perhaps Brig. Anderson is ignoramus enough about the history of Iraq’s industrial power since the times of British colonialism of last century so he could pull an insolent stunt as such, but with similar employment figures he certainly won’t be missed out as a laughing-stock back in his home country.

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