Monday, December 10, 2007

Al Ahamad Baath-branch falls off favor


What appears to be yet another sign of tumultuousness in dealing with Iraqi’s current Bold and the Beautiful affairs, the invaders authority has for the first time outlawed Al Ahamad Baath-branch after more than a year and a half of below-the-duvet-honeymooning. Six names from Al Ahamad Baath-branch (Syria based) have been singled out for resistance activities and affiliation with renegade Takfiri Al-Qaeda – those who refuse to be recruited within Al Sahwa juntas. This development coincided with an effort to closing into El-Duri, or his first aid, in Tikrit after a tip off from Al-Ahamad Baath-branch itself, which is in head-on collision with El Duri. The invaders’ authority motive was to slash two lizards with one sharp-edged flint stone.

News from the scene speaks of a Sahwa junta effort in chasing down that runaway high ranked Baath official in Tikrit, which shows a rising power struggle to who will gain the political upper-hand in the western region.

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