Friday, October 26, 2007

Fedayeen Petraeus are ex-Al Qaeda members at mere age of 20!


Reminiscing of Fedayeen Saddam, the invaders have been experimenting to mutate the next generation of Fedayeen - Fedayeen Petraeus (Al Jihad Units), and specifically in the Dyala region.

After failing to directly deal with Al Qaeda and the Iraqi resistance in the aforesaid region, the invaders seemed to have managed to lure young armed ex-Al Qaeda boys & teenagers by recruiting them into new units to fight both the Iranians backed militias and whatever numbers left of Al-Qaeda’s un-recruited members! for a paid salary of USD 350/month.

One leader – Abu Abdullah of Fedayeen Petraeus, 20 years, has recently spoken of the major tasks and challenges that are set forth by the invaders for his unit to forge. One major undertaking is to unravel the cover-up of Mr. Al Maliki for the crimes of the Shiite Militias in Dyala! and how the central government of Baghdad is liaising with the head of the Police forces there - Colonel Ghanim Al Qurashi, to assail Fedayeen Petraeus and accusing them of crimes committed against innocent people whereas in reality the remaining un-recruited Al Qaeda members and the Shiite Militias are the perpetrators!

Abu Abdullah, However, praised Colonel Abdul Kareem Al Rubaie – head of the joined US/Iraqi operation, for the great role he’s taken in tackling the ‘enemies’. And he adds “ Mr. Al Rubaie agrees that our unit’s comrades are being decisive elements in fighting ‘terrorists’ in the region, but unfortunately senior political figures in the government are partaking dirty games in reshaping the demography of Dyala by re-introducing Shiite Militias back instead of the legitimate refugees that were forced out of the region few months back, refugees that were forced by Al Qaeda terrorist leaders”- leaders such as Abu Abdulla himself!!

Abu Abdulla has elaborated further on the vague government course of action in Dyala to stop the remaining Al Qaeda members by "encouraging a resistance unit - Thawrat Al-Eshreen, to operate in the region just when the US forces showed some success in fighting Qaeda terrorists with our help and, unfortunately, it caused the deaths of thousands of innocent people"!!!

Abu Abdulla (just another reminder that he is a mere 20 years old) also called for serious dialogue between the concerned parties and the government!, and he stipulates that the regional authority must accept various sect-backgrounds units into the police forces other than the sole Shiite majority to combat Al Qaeda and the ‘criminals’ as the government has hitherto completely failed to do so.

On the other hand a government spokesman has totally contradicted Abu Abdulla’s statement, and pinpointed that Al Jihad units (Fedayeen Petraeus) have joined the resistance units like Salahuldeen, Thawart El-Eshreen, Al Murabteen, and Hamas El-Iraq amongst others in an effort to recruit ex-Al Qaeda youths - more than 1400 nos. so far, and are in fact planning a major take over of the municipality of Dyala under the bless of various army ranks who are part of the joined operation to flush off Al Qaeda!! The spokesmen added “that during a major government operation the forces managed to free 7 hostages who were previously held by the Jihad Units.”

Very, very creepy!!!

Fedayeen Petraeus:

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