Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Muqtada & Maliki forces side by side against Iraqi Buddhists!!

In yet another bizarre chapter in the puny morass swamp of Iraq, last week Al Maliki found himself fighting side by side with Jaish Al Mahdi of Al Sadr against Al-Yamani forces in the south of Iraq. This wacky turn of events demonstrates the ill-extraterrestrial reality of our southern cities, which is a direct outcome to the sudden invasion by our daft occupiers back 5 years ago.

Al Yamani (previously Ahmed Al Hasani or Al Hasan) – which we have previously spoken about him here & here, has been brain storming a cult that gives all deep-rooted spiritual religions in Iraq the freedom to exist including the Buddhists!, which is something quite peculiar for Iraq.

Al Yamani’s new faith – based on universal, open-end Islamic values, found quite large followers in the south amongst revered intellectuals and university professors. The faith calls for momentary armed struggle for freedom to all mankind from oppression and occupation, which is an Idea that will throw the entire existence of our invaders into great jeopardy. The faith, like all other religions of books, talks about a great savior who will rise from the death to salvage humanity from all evils within us, and it is Al Mahdi. However, a Yamani spokesman refutes this paragraph and attributed to government and invaders-owned media propaganda. Conversely, the government has been playing the harp to its highest tune to amplify the absurdity of such unusual cult in our society, by flagging its hilariousness and calling it “ailing, odd & unconstitutional faith”.

During Ashura of last week (and it seems always during Ashura!) Jaish Al-Mahdi Army teamed up with Al-Maliki forces in Al-Nasariya city to battle the Yamani forces and the fight was extended to south of Baghdad! Jaish Al Mahdi did not hesitate to stigmatize the Yamani followers (Shiites) as a Takfiri group! Something normally referred to Al-Qaeda suicide bombers. The animosity between Muqtada and Al Yamani - anti Iranian influence, is ideological as well as geopolitical. Both are gearing up to full control of Basra city when time is ripe, however, Al Yamani extended success up to Al Nasriya city has proven that his influence making headway amongst a heeding crowd. Furthermore, and on a sad note, the Nasriya hospital has received numbers of civilian casualties including children, during last week’s Ashura event, which shows that innocent people paid dearly for the confrontation between the warring parties. Some Iraqi newspapers believe that the annual Ashura battles are to settle scores amongst the war lords of the south.

On the other hand, some Baathist resistance have shown some degree of moral support for Al-Yamani!

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