Saturday, March 15, 2008

Ahmadi’s visit unleashes Fedayeen Petraeus fury

Since AhmadiNejad’s visit to our capital two weeks ago more than 20 houses in both Saidiyat and El Dura alone have been burned down by Fedayeen Petraeus (so called Al-Sahwa) for sectarian reasons. The latest havoc is a series of repercussions to broken promises by the American military regime to put an end to the Iranian influence in Iraq.

The so called Quds Brigade – the Iranian backed resistance, have been beefed up while the crack amongst the resistance in the western region has been widen up to Iran’s advantage. This latest development has marked the end of the interlude between Ex-Al Qaeda and Petraeus, which will linger in history as an indelible smutty spot for a generation to come.

Conversely, Bush’s sole and remaining gambling card is to level down Iran’s nuclear sites in order to retain the precarious allegiance of both the adverse western forces and ex-Al Qaeda until the end of his term; moreover, with the Oil and Gold prices are skyrocketing (the damage is already done) Bush seems to have nothing to lose for a quick phallic attack against Iran even if it meant to risk what ever left of the US dollar value. One thing is certain and that is Bush is quite adamant to live up to his legacy for being a great disparaging transformer that the Mesopotamia has ever encountered since the invasion of the Mongols.

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