Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Tactique Habibi!

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“It’s a tactic, buddy” this was Muqtada’s reply in his latest interview with Al Jazeera when asked about the latest development in Basra, so was Saddam’s reply in Saudi Arabia before he started the war with Iran in 1981, when one of Brejencsski’s aids asked him “could you guarantee that your people in the south would not side with Iran against you?” Saddam replied “my people are Shiites Arabs and not Shiites Iranians” as he was referring to his close alliance with one of Al Sadr’s uncles, Mohammed Al Sadr, which Saddam considered him then a key political Arab ally and the rightful religious leader for the Shiites in the south at that epoch, and before Saddam extermination of a large portion of the Sadr family.

Mohd. Al Sadr was also the sole responsible for the Hawza, and a potential recruiter for the thousands of non- Iranian back ground Iraqis in Nejef and Karbala for the two universities of the Imams in the south, which used to spew out fresh graduates every year that majored in the holy Shiaism teachings. Mohd. Al Sadr’s role had tremendously angered the Iranians in Iraq at that time, and he was constantly under suspicion from the Ayatollahs due to his favored associations with Saddam and with Saddam’s allies then - the American state department. It is reported that Saddam had once joked with the little boy Muqtada Al Sadr when accompanied by his uncle.

When the American military regime and its forces in Iraq toppled Saddam’s government in 2003 Al Sadr city (Thawra) was a favorite zone for the invaders and both political agendas – that of the American regime and of Al Sadrists were in correlate lines, a trend which lasted way after the dissolving of the Iraqi army. It was Bremer’s move to bring in the Iranian-based Al-Dawa that prompted the Sadrits change in directions, which witnessed the formation of the Mahdi Army and the commencement of the Mahdi armed resistance against the invaders. That Shiite resistance was hailed by the Baathists resistance for a while, but when the Pentagon (advised by the insolent Iyad Alawi) wrecked Al Falluja city the coast was set clear for a head-on collision course between the Jihadists (anti-Baathists) and the Sadrists. Conversely, the American regime pressed ahead for establishing of Al-Badar’s death Militias until they could reconstruct the Iraqi army, which proven to be a living task-failure for eternity.

2006 witnessed the official rise of the Takfiris (Qaeda) power and the inevitable militia wars, which was mistakenly and intentionally referred to by most western media as a sect-based war. These kinds of wars are typical pre-Islamic types - Kur & Fur, attack and retreat that in most incidents is taken advantage of by all warring parties to settle scores over a short period of time. Take for instance Mr. Al Hashimi’s Sahwa faction and his Saladin brigade. When last week the American tyrants were heavily bombing Al Sadr city and adjacent areas to the Palestine Street, Al Badar death Militia had sealed off and imposed a curfew in Al Jadriya and Al Karada. But for a divine miracle Al Hashimi’s (vice president) Sahwa found a way in and settled scores with another minor Sahwa faction, and later blamed the Sadrists for it!. Two days after Al Hashimi’s venture his house received a direct mortar hit from a fellow Sahwa in retaliation.

This is how today’s Iraq ushers the Iraq War 2 period, and while the American military regime’s sole dilemma is how to turn Al Maliki-Talibani-Hakim into oligarchy that looks after the invaders interests in Iraq in return for the safety of the formers’ lives, other Iraqi innocent lives are being lost everyday because it is simply a “Tactique Habibi”!!!

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