Sunday, September 12, 2010

Who’s training who?!

Before he was sacked Faisal was stationed in Baghdad, occupying a sardine-sized prefab housing in the so called green zone. He was reporting to one of the US junta’s offices under the title that was similar to a relationship manager, liaising between the occupiers and the Iraqi army officers, who he referred to as Colonels “Bebbers” due to the fact that none of Iraqi officers can differentiate between the letter P and B in any given word. Therefore, Peppers definitely sounds like Bebbers when it is blurted out by those Iraqi colonels. I met Faisal on his way back to the US permanently. He truly believes that if there is one reason behind the flagrant failure of the US mission then it has got to be the absolute lack or nonexistent communications between the US junta and the Iraqi government, which is primarily blamed on those Iraqi army officers who he thinks their true allegiance is to their personal self-interests and nothing else.

Faisal said that almost 95% of the time reporting was either miscommunicated or purposely misadvised due to the language barrier or the bad intentions. And he says that if those Iraqi officers are operating on earth then the government most certainly is in Mars. He said that the US forces’ agenda is quite clear and unsubtle in the reporting but it has never been properly conveyed. He adds that the Iraqi government is worried about the US forces leaving Iraq is a blunt example of the ignoramus state that the Iraqi government finds itself in because the US forces have made it clear that there won’t be any Iraq-left-alone policy at any cost, and that a sizable permanent contingency of the Junta is staying until the turn of the 21 century and beyond.

Faisal is quite adamant that at this current puny level of communication, the Iraqi army will require not less than 8-10 years of legitimate training by the US forces to be able to stand on its feet and properly serve the Iraqi people. Although Faisal is quite supportive of the US he refers to funny things have taken place, which he interrupts them as US national security requirements. For instance, Faisal is a staunch opponent of Iran and the Shiite faction but he says that Iran maintains back door channels with the US, which he does not thoroughly approve of. He also agrees that, unlike 3 years ago, the US is on the right track with the “good!” Baathists.

Faisal had irreconcilable differences with a new Pentagon appointee and accordingly his job was terminated. He said when he was leaving quite a few Iraqi officers asked him to keep in touch so he could help them in the US once they managed to get their green cards!!

When I heard Faisal I was wondering when this Iraqi farce will ever come to an end? If the Iraqi army officers are planning to settle in the US and the US Junta is remaining in Iraq for another 100 years then how on earth for any future Iraqi government to be able to mandate, ever?!!!

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