Monday, January 25, 2010

Spanish flair

The tale was quite extraordinary but it could have sounded rather banal for those who still have inclination towards reminiscing recent history, well, not so recent after all. It’s about a point in time at which the Spanish democracy was re-instituted through a “coup d’etat” that looked as absurd as a staged drama from a Don Quixote scene; however, if a similar analogy would ever occur in Iraq then the consequences would be as catastrophic as the Spanish Inquisitions.

The man that relayed the anecdote is well-versed and has some damned good connection with the ministry of electricity. He tells me of threads of a scenario, which is quite convoluted, that have been sown into staging a coup right after the elections by army officers, who will in turn request the invaders and the head of the state to reestablish the course of democracy by filtering out the political arena from the polluting sediments, and all is done in the name of the Iraqi people. By then, the invaders will bestow their bless on the democratic system - giving it a pulse of life, by eventually handing over the decision to the new government in order to steer the rudder, and, again, all is done in the name of the Iraqi people.

The perfect picture will be farmed when the Iranian government nods to these chains of events and will kick off a series of talks between Obama and the Iranians – a move which may have far reaching implications. The trailing Obama will have the chance to bounce back and the Iranians will put an end to their political stalemate – Iranians may think it is about time to end western corporations from benefiting off of Iran’s recent political farce.

All in all is ginger peachy but not so fast: any staged coup d’etat will not stop right at the TV stations or to be warped up with some flippant and saucy communiqué. In Iraq, coups are taken seriously, and will not spare that Pinochet-style blood bath that always comes along with it – ask the British; they know very well how they dragged us into that puny morass state of affairs - 1958 thru 1964!

If anyone is contemplating such a move, then we may have to be prepared for the worst, as it may end up so damned bad that it could even surpass those horrifying, torrential consequences that came about right after that very wicked day on which Iraq was invaded.

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