Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Gender redundancy or rebounding violence?

Streets Streaks (eyewitness):

In Amriya, Saydiya and Hai AL Jamm’ah in Baghdad a Saudi emergent social paradigm is taking shape. Written warnings have been posted in the streets saying that women are not allowed to walk the streets or drive cars without a Hijab (head and neck cover) Fortunately women are still allowed to drive cars!

Rumor (or insinuating rumor!) speaks of 2 women have been killed for not obeying the Fatwa, which has been signed by unidentified Mujahideen.

In Al Thawra city (Sadr) women are forced – without a prior notice to wear the affiliated sectarian women ensemble. One young woman was stopped and beat up by the notorious Sadr's Militia for not abiding by the dress code.

BC Bird:

When groups of men go through pre-liminal > liminal > post-liminal stages, they will acquire transcendental power before re-emerging, of which violence will be the likely out-come and to be inflected on members of the society, mainly women.


At 6:04 PM, Blogger Riot Starter said...

They're brainwashed sub-liminals (you could argue about the possibility of them having brains in the first place). Definitely so when Muqtadah has a relation to it.
Unidentified Mujahideen need to take off their own veils for recognition (assuming that they're men, not wusses) before bossing women to wear them.


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