Sunday, April 23, 2006

“Official” CV

Name: Nouri Kamel Al Maliki (Jawad Al Maliki)
DOB: 1950
Place: Abi Qharq – Babel, Iraq
Status: Married with four children

  • Education:
    * Undergraduate degree in Theology from the University of Pillar of Religion, Baghdad.
    * Graduate
    degree from the University of Saladin, Saladin. Thesis: the life of the poet Abu Al Mahasin (Mr. Al Maliki’s grandfather who allegedly was one of the insurgent leaders during the infamous revolution of Nejef against the British occupation in the early 20th century)

  • Work Experience:
    >Late 1960s: Enlistment in the Dawa Party
    >1979: Received a death penalty for his political activities and fled to Syria
    >1979 – 2003: Actively involved in the Dawa Party from his Damascus based headquarter, and rigorously worked with the oppositions to uncover the criminalities of the ex-dictator (ex-president Mr. Saddam Hussein) and his regime. He wrote various essays and articles about the sufferings of the Iraqi people during the epoch of the ex-regime.
    >2003: Return to Baghdad after the fall of the dictatorship and became the first MP for Majlis AL Hukum under Mr. Bremer's.

  • 2003 – 2006:
    -Head of the committee for Security & Defense under Mr. Bremer's
    -Member of the committee for writing the constitution under Mr. Bremer's
    -First deputy and spokesman to the committee for the ‘debaathification’ of Iraq
    -Spokesman for the Shia Alliance

Extracted from the official media office newsletter for the PM-elect Mr. Nouri Kamel Al Maliki (Jawad Al Maliki)

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