Thursday, April 13, 2006

Collating AL Mahdi’s Field Guides

Street Streak:

At the Thawra District (Al Sadr), senior officials for Al Mahdi Militia have gathered people in mosques to discuss the general situation, and have passed the following instructions:

  1. People of the mentioned district are to avoid any attrition with the American army units when the latter pass in the nearby areas. Also, the instructions prohibit attacking the American army period.
  2. A few changes have been made concerning patrolling the district. New instructions call for people who are not real members of the militia (and who used to gather with their militiamen friends or neighbors carrying their own arms!) to stop making the patrolling duties with the appointed Militiamen. Also, any one working with the Iraqi police or for any security company are forbidden from taking any part in patrolling, guarding or watching duties.


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