Sunday, June 04, 2006

6610 = 1,447,590,000.00 !

BC – GZ watch:

After a session of brainstorming (and perhaps oracular consultation) the Iraqi parliament has finally come up with working module to safe guard the future of Iraq permanently, it is 6610!

What is 6610? It is the number of foreign personal guards that have been assigned for the 275 members of the parliament; 20 personal guards for each parliament member, and 30 personal guards for each minister. Bearing in mind the personal guard in today’s Iraq earns USD 600/day.

If we run some third grade math we find out that the cost of those guards is USD 1,447,590,000.00 per year!

BC believes that if the security situation remains as such for the next 3 years -costs approx. USD 4.5 Billion – then it would be enough for each of the 275 members of the parliament to enjoy the luxurious
Space Tourism with the ex-soviet Russian Space Agency.


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