Friday, February 02, 2007

Mr. Al Malaki, I challenge you if you dare

Al Tarrar:

I dare you, Mr. Al Malaki, if you could be just as 'audacious' with other radical sects as you were with Jund Al Sama; but I honestly doubt it.

There are two incongruous sects that are just as twisted and fanatic as Jund Al Sama in both AL Moqdadiya and Diyala – where an ethnic and sect cleansing took place 1 month ago, and you have shamelessly watched from your elevated hole in the GZ without being able to utter word about it.

The two mentioned sects are part of the Islamic Emirate where fanatics practice indoctrinated rituals similar to those of Al Taliban, and carry weapons at all times. They, also, refer to you as a smelly Iranian rat and they have killed lots of soldiers of your ‘well-trained’ army.

However, you haven’t done anything about it nor you ever will. It is quite simple; on your own turf, where you run a spaghetti of Mafia operations pertaining vicious personnel from Al Badr and Jaish Al Mahdi, your interests are vital to the national security!, whereas in other places innocent Iraqis can go to hell.

You and your absurd and nuisance invaders can handle your own sect very well but for other sects, well… you sure know how to strike deals behind doors!

Being shrewd but generally weak makes a person parasitical and that, Mr. PM, is you

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