Sunday, January 14, 2007

Climbing the abyss

BC –

The pre-madness is underway in Al-Amariya, Adahmiya and Al Dawoody ‘de la Fronteras’ and it commenced since 2 days before the eve when the occupiers’ leader announced an extra round number of 21,500 soldiers to dispatch for Iraq.

Our offices are filled with live-in employees – Shiites, Sunnis and Christians who have been forced out of their homes during the last 3 days. The mapping/cleansing of the sect-areas is in preparation for the anticipated Battles of the Militias. The mentioned areas have become institutionalized Forts with admin apparatus quite separate from that of the central government.

Al Thawra city Watch:

Al Thawra city is in full alert and Jaish Al Mahdi has reinforced its battalions with pre-intent scheme, and since 5 days a total-war preparation is underway. Young men are seen with hand grenades and assault weapons at all times while the city is in a status of semi curfew. Mr. Al Sadr has called for a fight until Imam Al Mahdi reappears (Imam Al Mahdi disappeared almost 800 years ago)

Al Sadr has ordered his assistants “to fight on for freedom in the coming ‘joint operation’ of the Takfiris, the Saddamists and the invaders, and the fight must go on even when I will pass as a martyr of Islam!”

However, many believe the humble surge in Jaish Al Pentagon (some have already arrived!) is a PR moot as the existing forces are capable to inflect the same havoc when the battle begins. If ever, then a political vacuum regardless of the outcome will take place, and eventually will make way for the rise of new 'democratic' totalitarianism from the death ashes.

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