Thursday, December 14, 2006


Al Tarrar:

Parallel to the foot steps of Saddam back in 1979 when he visited Saudi Arabia to meet with Brezenski’s aids prior to building up a Fahad-Carter-style war scenario with the Iranians - then the Iranians were called Al Majous and not Al Safawis, and Carter was not so peaceful!; Cheney’s recent visit to the same country resembles that same smutty spot in history to drum up the Wahabies for, once again, another American proxy war in the name of the Iraqi innocents to repel the Iranians from their imminent regional dominance. However, this time the Saddamists are coming back into Iraq ensemblimized in Takfiri star & strips turbans!

Below is a list of Saudi Arabian institutions from which scholars, professors, thinkers, judges and Islamic men of religion amongst others who have signed an open petition to call for a global Jihad against the Safawis (meant the Iranians in Iraq!) in their fight against the Iraqi Sunnis (of course, without a prior consent of the Sunnis – quite reminiscing of our current occupiers). Also, the petition calls for a jihad against the crusaders – the invaders (USA & Co.):

  1. The Islamic university of Imam Mohammed Bin Saud
  2. The Islamic University in Riyadh
  3. The Islamic University in Madina
  4. Faith University in Um Al-Qura
  5. Al Sunni Dept. in the Islamic university of Imam Mohammed Bin Saud
  6. Scientific College in Basisa
  7. The justice ministry!
  8. Al Sharia University
  9. Justices ministry - judges dept in Riyadh!
  10. Al Saud University
  11. Al Dawa wa Al Arshad center in Jeddah

The declaration points read:

[1-After nearly four years passed to occupying Iraq; this was clearly evident that the objective is to capture Iraq in partnership between the Crusaders and the Safawis (Iranians in Iraq); to enable their success in the region, and, also, for the protection of the Jews occupiers and weakning the influence of the Sunnis, and the siege of the entire region for the formation of Hilal (crescent) SHIITES …]

[2 – The Shiites (in this sentence they have been called malign names and adjectives date back to 800 years after the fall of Caesar!) have uncovered their heads and have openly worked with the Crusaders to break the Sunni’s Iraq into pieces, and in the height of their victory they have shown to the Muslim world their vile deeds …]

Cheney’s ‘Marshall Pétain-visit’ to the Wahabis capital demonstrates just to what extent this man is sick in the heart as he directly splatters bullets right into the brains of his own soldiers when he perpetuates a plan with radical Takfiris that includes the killings of the ‘crusaders’. His corporate business visit to Saudi Arabia looks like a Takfiri, smells like one and he acts like one: Cheney is a Corporate Takfiri – does the name Bin laden ring any bell?!

BC has previously reported another example of American black hole policies.

According to our occupiers today we have the Wahabis running the west of Iraq, the Safawis running the south and the Telmud followers running the north – a magnificent juxtapose of global economies!

…Hurrah for Adam smith, we are sure he is frothing in his coffin.

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