Friday, March 16, 2007

Al Amriya-stan

BC -

Since last month an irregular exercise has been running in Al Amriya area (a battle frontier in the west of Baghdad)

Al Amriya is considered amongst most sect-driven areas in the capital and the Takfiris - with short dishdash and Afghan style dreadlocks were quite active and until one month ago.

Before, the Takfiris were usually seen in the streets shooting at any unidentified passersby and would slaughter - with the literal meaning of the word, anyone in its home if they ‘deem’ that he/she worked for the invaders authority. Also, they would target the police forces (mainly Shiites) and abduct cops and later would chop their heads off and dumb them in the trash. And they too planted road bombs to get the invaders forces.

2 weeks ago 5 Nos. of GMCs were seen around 3 pm pulling up behind a mini mart and 8 nos. of men dressed in Afghan short Dishdash were dropped off. Since then and a bit before Al Amriya began to witness what seems a Takfiri mutiny. A brief machine guns shoot-out is heard quiet often without the presence of any police forces. And what it is even more puzzling is that the Takfiris have began to target the national guards too (mainly Sunnis); but for the past 2 weeks not a single shot or a road bomb is aimed at the invaders!!

An Iraqi local journalist has recently told us that the Saudi authority has begun a most bizarre campaign by which they have introduced white-cell Takfiris!! into the scene where they have been trained at a camp near the city of Diyala (closer to Iran) where similar campaign has begun.

The Saudi white-cell Takfiris are trying to circumvent the pre-existing Takfiris in areas where the latter have gained momentum and in absolute control. The objective is to replace the independent Takfiri cells and units with pro-Saudi ones to face up to the Iranian threats in Iraq.

This movie we have already seen in Afghanistan back in the 80s when the Americans and the Saudis poured millions of Dollars into training the Takfiris (Ronald Reagan’s Freedom Fighters) to combat the communists in Kabul. The twist is that this time the final enemy is a monotheistic and a same-religion- of book driven rival but with a different sect flavor.

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