Friday, April 13, 2007

The bombing of the Parliament

GZ- Eyewitness:

38 people have been killed and 18 have been wounded including 8 Americans in the blast of what appears to be a suicide bomber. Amongst the instantly killed are 8 nos Sadrists, 3 nos. of the Mr. Mutlaq’s list including Mr. Mohd. Awad and 4 MPs from El Tawafuq (including Al Jabouri and Al Jumayli). Other bodies were taken folded from the bombing site.

Mr. Wa’el Abdullatif and Dhafir Al Ani are seriously injured in the blast.

It all happened during the 15 minutes break where most MPs were having a tea-break at the cafeteria, and a sudden blast hit the area that shattered all the windows. Immediately right after all the doors were shut and non one was allowed to leave the building and a group of occupier marines (US marines) were brought in instantly to secure the site. The authority said everyone is under suspicion and no one could leave. The questioning and taking evidences commenced abruptly.

One official was saying that the suicide could have been carried out by a VIP guard or even an MP!!!

The burned and diced bodies were strewn all over the cafeteria and adjacent corridors.

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