Thursday, March 29, 2007

The annual Mecca recruits

BC -

The latest confrontation between the Wahabi Takfiris and some Iraqi resistance groups is not some thing new, and BC has recently written about the fresh Saudi Takfiris that have entered Iraq through Jordan after the Hadj seasons. In fact the Hadj season for the Saudi ruling family (Cheney’s closest ally in the middle-east) is a busy time of the year to meet with international religious fanatics and Takfiris militant groups for new recruitments world wide. This was a perpetual exercise for the Saudis (currently chairing the Arab League Summit!) and the CIA back in the 80s when the Americans nurtured and exported terrorist Islamists, trained at Camp Peary - The “Farm” Virginia; USA to Afghanistan through Saudi Arabia and Pakistan (ISI), which all was part of the so-called cold war.

Past year’s Hadj season has ended 2 months ago, which has witnessed a rise of Afghan male visitors to Saudi Arabia. As we have previously mentioned that the Saudis are gearing up for any possible confrontation scenario (whether it will be a Mickey Mouse or Saddam style) between our invaders and our neighbors - the Iranians. The success of the Takfiris under the nose of the occupying forces in Iraq has been unprecedented, and the Saudis would like to consolidate the Takfiri forces in order to face up to any political changes in Iraq. Therefore, there has been a Saudi Plan Surge of unimaginable magnitude that was parallel to that of the invaders’.

The Iraqi National Guards (mainly Sunnis) has again entered the western part of Baghdad – Al Amariya, Al Ghazaliya and Hai AL Jamiya three days ago and the residents were shocked with the formidable armed forces of the numerous Takfiris dressed in short Dishdash and Afghan style dreadlock, and who most have forcefully taken up houses of innocent Iraqis in the mentioned areas, to confront our National Guards.

The latest Saudi freshly revised ideologies (Shock and Awe – as previously proven effective with the Iraqis!) are to demonstrate to us that any chance of working with an Iranian backed central government can be dealt with unmercifully. Also, there has been a major scandal – quite hushed up in the GZ, of Saudi financed rats amongst the international private security forces - “the second invaders”, and many politicians have been scrambled in it to cover it up.

We reckon that the latest confrontation between the resistance and the Saudi Takfiris will eventually last a bit longer resulting in more bloodbaths and internecine struggles in our country, and in the far future those terrorists Takfiris will be imbedded into the Iraqi social texture, and will become a fifth column to help imperialists with their future endeavourers against any possible unfavorable trends in the Middle-East.

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