Saturday, April 14, 2007

A Fish called Majida

Mjida Mohammad, 40, is the current Manageress of the Media Department of Royal Association of Iraqi Migrants in Jordan. The same association that ran Arbaeen (Muslims and Jews commemorate the death of loved ones after 40 days of its occurrence) of the ex-president of Iraq Saddam Hussein with reciting Quran verses and serving black Arabic coffee.

Ms. Majida, with somewhat OK official CV - journalist for a local Jordanian newspaper and editor of children magazine Al Ajil, also, her hobby is meeting people of different backgrounds! has been organizing the above-mentioned non-governmental organization to recruit Iraqi pundits and intellectuals who fled abroad to help save Iraq from its current horrific ordeal.

After the organization last meeting (the Granada Meeting) Ms. Majida has concluded in an email blast that the result of the meeting was NOTHING. And she wanted to know (by writing) what are the participants’ current resources, and where do they get them from?! Also, how those resources can be channeled in the right directions?

When BC has run a check on Ms. Majida in Baghdad it turned out that she is well-connected with the invaders’ authority, yet Ms. Majida maintains good contacts in Jordan with exiled Baathist businessmen!!

We believe Majida is a fish that swims murky waters, and she is an example of those hidden elements that connect the invaders with the ex-regime – the Baathists. And perhaps when the stakes are high then she might even overnight become a double-informer. For those who would like to swarm her waters then they must be aware that while she is good in nibbling on water crumbs the baits are left for the rest to indulge on!

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