Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Western media’s jet-lag

Today’s news should have been yesterday’s. Also, it is a slice of reality at best.

It’s been sometime since a few legitimate media companies began to limp on broken foot and we are sure they have got their own reasons for such amble walk. Furthermore, the aforementioned piece of news should have gone into publication since last year but hey, no body is perfect!

Should our readers care to read the above-mentioned link then we figure that the invaders are arming the ‘dissidents’!, unlike the ‘insurgents’, to fight the Takfiris (al Qaeda) in Iraq. The reality is, and as BC wrote about it long ago, the invaders are arming the invaders-backed Baathists to fight a proxy war against the non-invaders-backed baathists i.e. Younis Al Ahmad vs. Ezat El Douri –close links to the Saudi (Cheney’s ally) Takfiris, who had both represented two factions of the same resistance and until late 2006.

Since the doomed days of the invaders’ ex-ambassador a channel was created with Younis Al Ahmad, who resides in Syria – with various offices in the region, to join the political process under the invaders’ guardianship. Ezat Al Douri has opposed such course of action and in January 2007 he wrote a letter to disband Younis Al-Ahmad from his Baath party rank and called for his extermination.

If Youins Al Hamad proven to be victorious in this vile conflict then he will take a major role as a Basthist in the future political process of Iraq…the risks are high so is the stake.

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