Thursday, May 17, 2007

Appallingly worse


El Sadriya bombing and El Biya’a vicious confrontation between the government/invader forces and the Mujahdeen have marked a new turn in the battle for dominating Baghdad. The streets have never been as unreal as they are today. The minute the government forces pull away from an area and immediately heavy shooting commences. In El Biya’a alone 32 bodies were thrown into the streets right after the government/invader forces pulled back to a safe place.

Al Amariya is literally fenced-in and similar to Al-Adamiya. Wall blocks are seen in every major road. Bigger part of Al Harthiya has been annexed into the Green Zone since long ago, and Haifa Street is relatively calmer due to the presence of unbelievable amount of military hardware. Yesterday BC counted more than 18 Hummers and two tanks swarming in an area of roughly 2 kilometers! And between them you could see children, grownups and cars. And when the forces move away the street suddenly becomes mortally still. As the curfew starts not a single sole is seen or else will be shot at by either the government/invaders or the Mujahdeen!

Similar scene is in Bab Al Mu’dam where the armed forces could exceed those that could be seen on a frontline war zone. The two only operating bridges left are that of Bab Al Mu’dam and Al Ahrar. Also, it is quite evident that the Iraqi government forces are showing signs of harshness in their look, and people are simply avoiding looking at them at check points!!

Prices are gone beyond believe. A taxi ride to certain areas could cost up 80 US Dollars per trip and you will be dropped off on a main road far from your destination. It is shear madness. Also, in our area we have been continuously without electricity for the past two weeks.

The other painful sight is the large number of stray animals. People say that dogs are eating dead bodies and consequently turning vicious!

How could anyone manage the war like that? The government/invaders running full capacity and yet they fail to deliver. Who was that freaking idiot behind increasing the hardware to that extent as a solution? The invaders should have tremendously reduced their presence back in late 2005 and before they shredded our cities to pieces.

The US and Iran have been sitting behind closed doors at the American embassy since March 2007. Mr. Al Maliki (who is due to depart in the near future!) was twice denied access into the ‘Iran’s affairs’ room at the USA embassy – CIA department, due to ‘meeting in progress’!! Nothing has been proliferated from such meetings except for more disasters.

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