Thursday, June 14, 2007

Literary illusion

When an opportunity arises in a system that thrives on NASDAQ and FTSE readings then there are those who will leap right into it to secure capital gain.

Bush and Al-Maliki were quite ready (and perhaps due to the nature of their work!) to drum up support for more ‘surge’! and more PR shots to combat Al Qaeda!

BC wonders just how many burning of mosques have gone unheeded, non-finger pointing and without any ethnographic PR photos as a result?

Here you have a burning of mosque that took place a while back, which was part of everyday’s normal activity. Hitherto, neither Bush’s scream nor Al Maliki's PR shots have been heard or seen, nor a minor reaction felt from the authority regarding the incident.

Higher capital gain calls for higher level of opportunism!!

On a different note; why each time Negroponte is in town the Samara Mosque gets bombed and a Lebanese MP gets killed? What a jinx!!

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