Saturday, July 21, 2007

License to kill

BC -

A while ago the invaders boasted their strategy of granting the Iraqi civilians license to kill members of Al Qaeda in Iraq. This video shows how a man is cheering - in foul language - his victorious triumph of killing what he deemed Al Qaeda members in total absence of the law – evidence, witness, defense lawyer, prosecutor, cross examination and a judge. The only obvious intention probably was retaliation or self-defense in lawless land!!

BC wonders just who are the real victims in the above video: those who lived because they pulled the trigger faster or those who are laid dead? Or even those innocent who frequently get caught in between? Perhaps everyone has been victimized. The world citizens are once again fighting a proxy war and paying the price dearly for the vile and terrorizing works (Reagan’s Takfiri Freedom Fighters and Suicide Bombers) as outcome of the cold war between the invaders and the ex-USSR in Afghanistan.

Iraqis may have to get a grip to their reality and comprehend that War on Terror is a war against all the vice and havoc done by both the invaders and ex-Soviet Union to control global resources. And this war is rarely won like in Vietnam but in most cases it turns nations to poorest countries/regions in the world like in Laos, Cambodia, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Mozambique, Chechnya, and many examples cover every continent in the world.

It is a choice that we need to make; do we carry on with this war on terror and keep on cleaning up the feces behind the superpowers or to heed to reasoning and become a self-determined, Mesopotamian-constitutionalized nation?

BC champions the latter.

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