Friday, September 14, 2007

Larger than you

When Bush stopped over at ‘Camp Abu Risha’ last week in the Anbar province he was making sure to acknowledge Abu Risha as one of the most powerful head of a tribe in the region. And by doing so Bush was emulating the foot steps of Percy Cox of the last century, when he favored certain tribes like Albu Essa over others to impose a tribal structuralism so he could clear the way for colonial Iraq, which lasted until 1958 when Abdul Karim Kassim temporarily brought material imperialism to an end for the first time since the fall of Babel 500 BC (Before Cleopatra) Nevertheless, the current form of post-1989 imperialism is working and can help create a second rate nation in Iraq – let’s face, this is about the best result that our invaders could have ever achieved due to their somewhat mediocre bureaucratic administrations (with all due respect to Hispanic and African American communities). Yet what has hitherto been accomplished and the bases upon which such accomplishment is attained (when the leader of the strongest army in the world is brought to his knees before slipper-footed men to beg for help) have consequently legitimatized the political ‘Forza’ of the ‘old ways’.

When western-backed laws permit tribal rulers, clans and kinships, segmentary oppositions, sectarian parliament, Washington-support nepotism, cargo cults, hand-picked cultural material and all is under one common denominator and that is religion, then what left for the Takfiris so called Al Qaeda to do is to simply push the revolving door and usher right in. As a matter of fact, the Takfiris thrive in such medium, a medium when today one teams up with a brother against a cousin and tomorrow one teams up with a cousin against the foreign. And when Al Qaeda sees a daft world leader pulled by the nose ring before a tribal Caliph then he/she would certainly foresees a brighter future as they did in Afghanistan.

5 days ago a Saudi backed Iraqi Takfiri unit have teamed up with head of a tribe of similar caliber to Bush’s Abu Risha in the southern suburbs of Baghdad, and planned an all out vicious attack against Sunni civilians who refused to cooperate and made them flee in hundreds to Shiite areas in Baghdad Al Jadida. The stories that the fleeing Sunnis brought with them are horrific crimes that are being constantly committed and as I write now. Perhaps this Al Qaeda head of tribe is dreaming of awakening call and a future courtesy visit from the head of a superpower!

Yesterday Abu Risha was assassinated in El Anbar province and a major mainstream media in the UK lightly said it was done by the insurgents! Which insurgents, those nurtured by Al Qaeda? Of course, they couldn’t be those nurtured by the invaders! Or perhaps it was the resistance that everyone would like to smear off, or even Al Maliki who Abu Risha’s men claimed to be the perpetrator!! I tell how it was done; it was done the ‘old ways’.

Today’s Iraq’s hell is much bigger problem than any Capitol House lawyer could ever conjure up, and the shapes of things to come are quite gigantic than a simple pentagon drawing. They are in fact the patterns of the ‘old ways’.

Petraeus spoke of long term Pentagon presence in Iraq to forge success (less enthusiastically backed by the ‘gayish’ Arabic speaking and soft Crocker), and he spoke of the surge advantages etc. etc, the fact is it was that little boy inside that sleeked aging body who seemed to fantasize that virtual war game behind those digitized goggles with his joy stick, in a bunker filled with the smell of Whoppers. However the reality is, dear little-big Petraeus, that the current game is much bigger than a surge or cut in number of troops, it is something larger than you.

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