Friday, September 07, 2007

Karbala incident was pre-intent and government staged

AL Tarrar:

BC has gotten hold of 6 nos. original copies of interior ministries reports that were raised days before the Karbala unfortunate incidents, which explicitly relate and reiterate a set of foreseen and forthcoming criminal activities to be taken place during the Muslim religious anniversary in the city of Karbala, that was met with absolutely no response or any immediate course of action by the government, which insinuates the Stalin style scenario that the regime of Al Maliki is implanting to exploit the presence of innocent people for its own cause.

The reports, written by lieutenant Saleh Malki - Head of Karbala Security Operations on July 4th and August 12, 07; and by Raed Judat –Head of Karbala Police Force on July 16, 23 and August 12, 07 talk of explicit details of how criminals were being embedded into the crowed and car bombs and other weapons were believed to be in areas near the religious sites to be used during the events to trigger a chain of violence. Also, the reports refer to criminal operation and breach of security by the Saudis, and the use of black market Iranian made weapons, and they implore the government to take the precautionary measures for this year anniversary. But the government, in stead of canceling the event or minimize the magnitude of the masses by detouring their march by means of preventive measures, had given a deaf ear to the reports and simultaneously was set and ready for such confrontation on the expense of the hundreds of innocent people who were unaware of such plot and who, as always, paid the price dearly.

The government used a canon of two barrels to kill both the criminal and the innocent alike just to prevail forcefully on the ground for future political gains – a tactic favored by other schizophrenic politicians like Eyad Alawi, who is set to walk back into the premiership via Madison Avenue!

Yesterday a government army official and the head of Al Aqrab forces (famous for massacring Jund Al Islam group) were in a big row as to who will claim victory to shooting criminals embedded within innocent civilians groups, with total absence of basic judicial investigation i.e. pre-intent collateral damage: the most thuggish, fascist, cowardice and ‘Armageddon’ act that’s been set as a global trend due to our invaders’ lack of self-respect and relevant history.

This government approach is infuriating, shameful and just as criminal acts as any other.

Young Al Maliki walks in Ayatollah Khomeini’s funeral in Iran:

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