Friday, May 16, 2008

Thesis in death


When Bremer (America’s version of Ali comical) chiseled off the high ranked Baathists professors at Baghdad’s Universities and kept the low-ranked Baathists cadres professors in 2003, he was trying to make sure that the waters were perfect during the universities elections, which were to be held in late 2003 as a prelude to an immanent transformation in Iraq’s higher education system, and man how dumb this Bremer was!!

To brief our readers a bit, since 1980 (one year into Saddam’s absolute rule) our higher education system was revolved around a pivotal point and that is all the universities were exclusively-preferential to the Baathists, and this means that all those who were engaged in the services for university education were forced into membership of the Baath party. The universities then contained the largest leading Baath bloc, which controlled the entire students and universities professors in order to prevent the infiltration of any unwanted political trends that could challenge the regime. The Baath party cadres always considered the university a priority because it is a driving force to embolden thousands of educated youths and professors alike; therefore, joining the Baath cadres was mandatory.

The party organization of Iraq’s universities was considered a formidable power that arranged scholarships to each and every high ranked Baath cadre, to mainly countries of Eastern Europe to acquire higher education in primarily humanities – non-scientific or MD degrees. The professors for national political science (specialty in Baath core philosophies) – a mandatory course for all university students regardless, received the lion share for overseas scholarships.

Back to our topic, the common denominator for the aforesaid Bremer’s elections was communication, and it happened that the English language was a primary factor because it is simply our invaders native tongue. Those Iraqi professors (mainly US and UK graduates) who participated in the elections and had a better command of the English language found the process rather smooth, and they even excelled positively when they mingled with the occupiers admin apparatus; however, the majority of Iraqi professors speak modest English, which could not permit them to understand some intricate details of the new democratic practice. When the elections were over they marked the commencement of the campaign for systematic extermination of our professors.

The thesis was to eliminate all those professors who can ‘talk’ to the occupiers or have had a taste of the invaders cultures (the Angelo-American culture). When the Baathists resistance gathered momentum, the high ranked Baathist professors (whom over night turned to skid row) took the advantage of the situation and helped in the elimination process (coordination), with the help of existing low-ranked, Baathists professors of non-western affiliation (regardless of sects), rouge students and hire-to-kill thugs. A study conducted by Dr. Ismail Galilee - an ophthalmologist working in England, demonstrates that the larger portion of the academics that have been targeted as per departments were the pure science, engineering and medicine, and those disciplines were often acquired in western universities.

The bleeding wound was later ramified when the militias war began in 2006 and the extermination turned sectarian – when Shiites death militias kicked into the killing spree. Which lasted until the end of that year, exactly when Fedayeen Petraeus (Sahwa: Baathists resistances and ex-Qaeda) were officially formed! By then the campaign for killing professors had subsided and became selective, but still going.

The process of the extermination is a modus operandi that relies on killers cells catering to professors/districts/regions that mediate in between – similar to a GPS, to encircle chosen victims. One major meeting for those cells was once held in late 2004 in a public Turkish bath in 14th Ramadan Street.

The Sistani office has recently conducted a study on this subject and found that 62% of the academics that have been murdered were graduates of science and MD from western universities, and perhaps the remaining 48% would include heads of departments, deans, and directors of research centers.

The outcome of this genocide was that most high-ranked expelled Baathists professors (members of the party, members of a division and leaders of groups) were either spared of the violence and later re-instated by the American military regime through reintegration into private universities, or taken overseas to work in neighboring countries.

Currently there is an orientation for a plan for a Baath Party branch to return to the control of the universities by the means of establishing party cells within the newly formed legal Baath party, especially since quite a few Baathists professors are still working at the universities.

Also, we should mention that a small number of former officials of the Baath party in the universities had been killed, but their numbers are low compared to the majority who were assassinated, and did not activily engage in any political activities within the university at the time of the Baath rule.

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