Friday, October 17, 2008

News from Khandhar and Obama’s Whitehouse birth.


When I met Dirk, a 50 year old Canadian contractor based on a Canadian base in Khandhar, on my recent visit to an Arabian Gulf state I immediately realized that he was one of those straight-shoot-talker yet soft-ignoramus North American citizens. Dirk said he was a Canadian officer for many years and who ‘proudly served his country for a good cause’. He also has spoken in lengths about his Afro-American ancestral pursue for freedom in Canada. Dirk is doing a classified work for the Canadian government in Afghanistan that goes beyond the Afghan border!! as he says. And he is quite convinced that only good western education can make the war winnable over there but the plan for the near future is quite different! But I was quite surprised when he admitted that they (the western world) had created Al Qaeda during the Soviet era!! Dirk never figured out that I was Iraqi because perhaps I have no middle-eastern accent and he presumed I was Romanian :)

Dirk said (over a 3rd pint of beer) that the NATO is amassing a major army and military hardware for the next year push into the mountains of Afghanistan. He says that Obama! has already assured the Pentagon that next year will be a decisive year in Afghanistan and Obama is planning to keep a skeleton army and mighty air force in Iraq (which is a country in a mess but OK! according to Dirk) and turn things over to the Iraqis while concentrating on winning the final battle against the Taliban. Moreover, he says Iran’s nuclear reactor will be demolished within two years via a covert NATO orchestrated air strike if Ahmadinejad remains in power. Dirk says the Canadian were also quite pissed off with Russia’s stupid role in Georgia which shows that Russia is turning into a Nazi state!

Regardless of Dirk’s gibberish my concern was the piece about Iraq. Two weeks ago someone whom we know that works in a very sensitive department of the current Iraqi government, advised me to permanently move to Jordan because things may turn quite ugly and severely nasty within the next couple of months. And when we told him why things might go worse he said there will be lots of changes yet with little support from the Americans which will have major impact on every political platform

looking at it from the 50th floor it looks though when Obama starts his presidency wars will never seem to subside, and that this man will inherit the legacy of his country’s culture-wars, which will bear no end in sight for our open wounds.

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