Friday, September 26, 2008

Fedayeen Patraeus chew each other off and spit out the Iraqi people


When the ex-head of the American Junta in Iraq – Patraeus, commenced a trend in late 2006 of recruiting Al Qaeda & Takfiris personnel (Sahwa insurgents) to serve the Junta cause in our country, he in fact copied-paste some of those Blue Prints that are sitting in one of these darkest vaults of mankind, which were the basis for the lovely modern days of Afghanistan

For a year and a half Patraeus enlisted and engaged hundreds of heedful Al Qaeda members and sat with heads of Baathists in Iraq and in neighboring countries (where Baathists are giving demographic-embodiment assistance like in Bahrain) to counterweight Iran’s emphatic role that caused the deaths of hundreds of invaders in our streets. The result was a lull in the armed confrontations until further notice. But what happened in parallel is that Patraeus has re-paved the channels with the Islamic extremists and legitimized their function as proxy-alternative power in the region. As a result, the Takfiris had regained their self-confidence and have found a larger room to maneuver, while the rhetoric of the war on the Islamic terrorists was softened down to war on a ‘generic’ terror and we, also, rarely hear about the patriotic Guantanamo prison as we used to

However, when the state department (of the USA) opted for a rerun episode of the Twilight Zone with the Mullas of Iran – sitting cordially prior to the general elections, the outcome was to pull the plug off for the Sahwa and in return the Mullas would force Muqtada to subdue the Mahdi army on a call-off contract basis

Today the violence has reignited – Adamiya and Karada are a living example of obtuse future and gloomy days to come. Al Sahwa are tearing into each others flesh since their dictator (Patraeus) was relocated, and most likely a provisional Hekmatyar-oriented lords are emerging to confront their archrival foes, the Mullas-backed government in Iraq

The next president of the invaders will have to realize that in Iraq there are three ways to go: the Baathists’ tribal way, the Mullas way or the highway

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