Monday, January 10, 2011

Saddamists and invaders’ common mediocrities win them a reprieve

… and perhaps was one of the primary reasons behind the outcome of the latest Iraqi formed government.

Today, Al Maliki is back in power resolutely like never before while the rest of the political parties, although they seem more evident, yet are dysfunctional more than ever.

Back in 2005 when the Saddamists resistance looked invincible and ready to reshape the outcome of the absurd invasion, it was then when they stumbled upon the inevitable third power: the Shiite resistance, and instead of embracing this developing force they, unsurprisingly, turned the clock hands 45 year earlier on to envisage – and what else – a single malignant authority instead of sharing it with other factions of the Iraqi people, on the basis that the Shiites are Iranians by nature – a supposition only shared by the daft pundits. The Saddamists preferred to go ahead and team up with the ex-CIA terrorists (Takifirs -so called Qaeda members) and boycotted the political process – resulting in force majeure for a hodgepodge constitution, rather than seeing Shiites Self-Determination. As a result, the Iranians found a fertile land for power sharing in the arena and the Hawza stayed in with a more sound effectiveness.

After the horrific period of 2006-2007 the Saddamists had finally realized that the Shiites are indestructible and decided to strike a deal with the Bush regime in Iraq and cleared the way for a clash between the US junta and the Shiites, which in reality never fully took place. The Shiites, knowing what they were in for, regrouped and accommodated the new ordeal, and that what prompted a lull in daily clashes and it was, also, the commencement of the political process.

Today Al Maliki is in the balancing power; on one hand he has the Shiite resistance ready to unleash its fury, conversely, he has the Saddamists powered by the US junta and the Wahabis; a delicate scale that could tip over by drop of a tiny amount of sand. However, what is at stake here is the Shiites’ fate – as it’s always been, which is directly linked to Al Hawza and the lurching bloody past of The Baathists.

The King of Iraq – installed by the British invaders back in 1920s once said that he was doomed for being squashed between educated Sunnis who favored the invaders and hated him and ill-educated Shiites who favored him and hated the invaders! So that’s how it goes even after almost a 100 years. The ill-educated Shiites have been played at the hands of the Marjiya/Hawza as well as the doubtful Sunnis and they will eventually pay the price, whereas the Saddamists might come out ‘clean’- mercy!, even if it meant bowing down to the Iranians as their Don Saddam did in Algeria back in 1975 – perhaps it was then when he developed a back disk!!

The US Junta willingness to budge down to the Iranians in Iraq is remained to be seen. If the US regime in Iraq could get a break from the Mullas then chances are that the entire region will be affected – a scenario worth 200 years of Iranian Natural gas, ain’t bad even if it meant Shiites suppression for another 500 years!

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