Thursday, April 20, 2006

Adhamiya II – The Revenge of the Sith & the Return of the Jedi

Streets Streaks (eyewitness):

A rumor was spread around in the Adhamiya district that the Interior Ministry Forces will invade the Adhamiya area and some flyers were thrown in the streets bearing the name of anonymous (presumably a Shiite) saying that they will attack Adhamiya as an act of revenge. Comrades of the area were prepared for the worst ...

3 days ago, unknown anti US forces ‘Jedis’ arrived to the area, and attempted a shooting spree at the Iraqi guards’ residence in Adahmiya, the guards in return started shooting back at the source of fire. This situation prompted the Iraqi guards headquarter to pass an appeasing call for a few religious and social figures, imploring them to call from mosques for people to calm down and stay at home because the Iraqi guards are in control.

Adhamiya was quiet for few weeks, the police forces were forbidden from taking any duties there, instead, only the Iraqi guards were responsible for the quarter, and things were looking calm...

Yesterday, all the streets were blocked and abandoned, no adults went to work, shops were closed, supermarkets were deserted, and, of course, all children as well as students stayed home. Patients remained unattended – clinics and pharmacies were closed too.

And, the Oil prices reached USD 71/barrel!


At 4:05 PM, Blogger Dienasty said...

Wow. Talk about needing a holiday.

You paint a pretty vivid picture of life down there.


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