Friday, July 14, 2006

Biden Meinhof

BC -

As Senator J. Biden is still working on his scrabbles, he managed to toss in yet another letter, an i, to complete an anagram and gain a bigger score, which in reality portrays the word of mouth coming from the mainstream America of the puny morass world of Iraq.

It doesn’t come as a surprise for BC to know that Mr. Biden has recently made it clear to Mr. Zalmay Khalilzadeh that Mr. Al-Malaki’s short-sighted plan for national reconciliations is doom to fail unless Mr. Al-Malaki speaks directly with the Sunnis armed forces and, simultaneously, the US would make sure that the Shiite militias brought down to their knees.

The strange thing is that the Bush Admin is quite silent about Mr. Biden’s recent effort in his on-going scrabbles game, and what it is becoming clear that Mr. Biden’s ‘i’ letter fits the anagram perfectly: Sunn(i)-Sh(i)ite c(i)vil war.

Perhaps Mr. Biden would like to see it done and over with before 2008 so the next Democrats presidential candidate wouldn’t have to inherent a burden but, mind you, he/she might swallow the Republicans’ poisonous bait of ‘national security & war on terror’ and to steal the show for another 4 years!

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