Friday, June 23, 2006

July’s gig

Pundits Circle:

The word is that all the indicators are showing that it is almost certain that this year’s July Washington Mall celebration will be extended to Al-Fourdous square, Baghdad and “will all depend on the PM’s performance for the next few weeks.”

There are already sources close to the Americans in Iraq who are insinuating otherwise by throwing firecrackers just to gauge general public reactions - nice one!

It seems that the US Admin. have realized that the only logical Way Out and/or Partial Pull-Out of the US forces (so the Admin. could focus more on issues such as the
Guam Island project and to crack the grim available statistics) is to establish a Soft Martial Law Plan for the city of Baghdad some time in the month of July or August – old habits are hard to break – when many Iraqis are away on holidays (you bet we take holidays) and this Martial Law will be under the guardianship of a civil government – sort of Power Sharing Agreement – PSA.

The logistics are being worked out to include:

1. Allocation & integrating of the inner-government militias
2. Zoning of Baghdad (Lebanonization) – district/militia/army – west and east
3. Al Hakim Factor
4. Al Tayar Al-Sadri Factor

5. Army positioning of certain lieutenants from the pre-2003 government to ally forces amongst hardliners
6. Direct engagement of both Iran and Jordan (crucial to the plan) and the indirect involvement of Egypt
7. Cash float by Kuwaiti and Saudi banks to boost economic moral
8. Securing acceptance from Al Jamiya Al Arabiya (most participants are non-Democratic).

The timing is a key issue. The idea is to establish PM leadership on ‘Vote of Confidence’ bases and for a period of time until power-balance is achieved, and all would be under the umbrella of a ‘Tawa’f Army’ - Tawa’f comes from the Arab kings’ clans who for a short period were united in Islamic Spain.

Still, many Iraqis hope that the current PM could pull it in together.

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