Sunday, July 16, 2006

Hai Al-Jihad death wasn't uni-sectarian!

BC - Exclusive:

BC has investigated Hai Al-Jihad massacre of 40 Sunnis by supposedly Shiite militias and it turned out that the armed militias have targeted both Sunnis and Shiites, as there were Shiites amongst the dead of whom they were never reported of in the news.

A group of Shiites – workers for local contracting company, of whom BC knew in person, who were on the scene during the crime act, were pulled out of their vehicles and executed based on their sectarian affiliation! The Shiite survivor could not come forward and talk bout it fearing for its live.

Iraq is being driven into a civil war, and the indicators are showing that ‘all’ those who are involved are preparatory factors for the looming war.

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