Monday, November 20, 2006

Absolutely everybody


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Absolutely all the warring parties, regional powers and perhaps the whole world are on Iraq’s current circus stage. The scene at the GZ is quite chaotic. There have not been as negative vibes and pulses coming from the Iraqi officials as they are precipitating today.

The occupying forces in Baghdad are still weighing out their options to put their mighty load on a supposedly favorite side in order the play the internecine differences right, and to eventually push for a new political power in order to quell the current mess.

There is lots of talk with the Sistanites in the south. Also, a senior American official was not so inclined towards the interior minister’s interrogation warrant issued for Mr. Al-Dhari.

In a unique development and reminiscing to the year 2004, a high official at the Jaish Al-Mahdi has reiterated his support for the resistance in Al Ramadi!

Things are as rotten as a buried egg.

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