Sunday, September 24, 2006

דוובל שטנדרד

BC -

The latest report on the Israelis entanglement with the current affairs of Iraq has further drowned the Bush Admin and its friends in the murkiest morass pond in the region.

While the Israelis were accusing Iran of helping the militant group of Hezbollah in Lebanon, Israelis were simultaneously helping the militant group of Beshmarga in Kurdistan.

This Israeli double standard casts a doubt on the true nature of peace that Israel is aiming for in the region. Also, when we take into consideration the definition of the Bush Admin for ‘harboring terror’, then Israel is harboring terror in our country, and those Israeli private terror consultants should be blacklisted as part of the ‘war on terror' similar to those of Al Takfiris.

Perhaps this Israeli industry (training of militants) has becoming profitable through out the years due to its extensive experience in countries like El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, Costa Rica and even a marketing exercise scheme for Kashmir, India. However, over here this particular industry is tremendously devastating, and its presence can bee seen as a living proof that the invaders are indirectly favoring certain militias to destabilize our country.

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