Saturday, September 30, 2006



The ‘red-headed’ Michael E. O'Hanlon of the Brookings Institution has once again trumped up the ideational of ‘Voluntary’ Ethnic Relocation in Iraq, and has drawn associated-comparison parallel lines by the means of unassociated-comparatively, top to bottom demographic examples that are far from the reality of our country – why not if Mr. O'Hanlon himself is sitting just as far!

Mr. O'Hanlon has diced a slice of reality to collage off our sordid abstract tableau when he brain-stormed a vision of voluntary ethnic relocation as a concept to replace the current coerced ethnic relocation – perhaps terminologies could make wonders in black and white texts but they fall a million years short to the current Murphy’s laws.

Mr. O'Hanlon has neatly softened the coerced relocation of our people (our daily Salem’s sorcerers’ killings) to ‘voluntary’ relocation – perhaps with the help of real estate companies! (what a laugh) And he adds: “Confederacy, along with ‘safe passage’, ‘property swapping’, ‘job-creation programs’ and ‘oil revenue sharing!’ provides at least a plausible path forward”.

Any one who could write a paragraph about the current Iraq like the above-mentioned deserves an F and disqualification from the Political Science Department, unless, of course, Mr. O'Hanlon has written it when he was vacationing in Hawaii while indulging on licking toads’ bellies!

Today our
shambled country pertains not only of Saddamists but we, too, have the Takfiris, Al Mahdis, Al Badrs, Al Hakims, the Beshmarga, the Death Squads, plane gangsters, 20 other businessmen’s militias, the resistance, the curse of the invasion and all are well represented in our beautiful parliament while tearing each other to pieces on daily bases for the bread crumbs; conversely, Mr. O'Hanlon is talking about ‘safe passage’, ‘property swapping’, ‘job-creation programs’ and ‘oil revenue sharing’!! which really sounds like a naïve boy scout’s ideas at some summer camp.

Do we have
‘honorable’ and formidable bureaucratic mechanism to overlook the allocation of lands, because if we had such bureaucratic force then we would not have been in this mess to start with? And does any know how deep-rooted the Iraqis feel towards their fathers or mothers’ lands?

One hake of a business this would be: voluntary ethnic relocation? I can just imagine the business barons to include real estate who would step in to profit from this lucrative idea: Uhem, say dude, you help me to ‘voluntarily’ relocate my neighbor and you’d get your ‘share’; you see, my son is getting married and I need that extra land!! Needled to say the social codification that the ‘relocatees’ will carry with them for eternity.

If the invaders and their siblings are trying to institutionalize Saddam’s past evil works without resolving the real cause of the problem just to stay in power then I have one thing to say to them: Have you no sense of decency?

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