Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Hails of wrath

BC –

They have been coming down like black rain; at least where we live. The districts Mortars wars are horrifying and nothing like them, not even the war of the cities with Iran. The whole situation is savagely out of control. And the Mortars are causing permanent body damages as well as deaths.

The killings in our neighborhood have turned into a psycho-apartheid modus operandi. Whoever is of somewhat darker skin and spotted in the streets is considered a ‘Shrougi’ – (a dirty southerner) and shot at instantly. No IDs are being asked for! Some are being caught and had their head covered with a bag before being shot. It is becoming a very normal sight for everyone to spot dead bodies in the streets.

During the past 5 days the children did not see the roads. Neither schools nor universities are open period. It’s like a devastated Pompei visited by Nero. Yet some men are still going about their jobs. The fuel shortage is back to a crisis level.

The house of the deputy (Shiite) to the health minister was raided in broad daylight by men dressed in police uniforms – the official death-squads uniform - and he was dragged out and dumped in an Opal’s trunk and driven away. A day later a Mortar was aimed at his house but missed and hit his next-door neighbor’ house!

On the other side of the Tigris most the employees of the GZ had to sleep in 2 nights in their offices due to a car bomb alert inside the compound!

Also, there is a new emerged video (scene-photos below) of Saddam’s ex-lawyer who got kidnapped and killed by Abu Der’ra’s gang a while back. The video shows the last few minutes of his life with his captors before he was paraded to his death’s scene.

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