Saturday, November 25, 2006

Our petite Mafiosos' affairs

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“Al Thawra (Sadr) city has been devastated yet again with series of car bombs and more than 200 people have been instantly killed. The sectarian struggle will be extended to a full scale war, which… toot, toot!”

Aah, for some reason the radio transmission is interrupted, good. Hey, pissst; you want to know the real story? Here you go, meanwhile don’t forget to pop up the popcorns pack so you can enjoy the tale:

Our Mafioso affairs are some piece of an intriguing and convoluted work. And we’ve got some hot characters in them. Take for example the current Don Al-Jalabie’s quest for hunting down those who abducted the Iraqi-American soldier, who happened to be the nephew to the second man (Entifadh Qanbar) in Al Jalabie’s cartel (INC)

When Jaish Al Mahdi had cast off some of its members for illegal gangsters’ activities, those members (like Abu Der’ra whose two sons have been arrested) have looked for other payroll issuers. Some left for overseas training in Iran and others looked for local employers. Don Al Jalabie, however, has recruited many of them as rats in Al Thawra city. When other power-competing family – Al Hakimo - abducted that Iraqi-American soldier INC sprang into action.

Why Don Al Hakimo’s cartels (SCIRI-Badr) abducted Qhanbar’s nephew? Quite simple, Don Al Jalabie is Donito Muqty’s (Jaish Al Mahdi) ally. However, Don Al Hakimo and Donito Muqty loath each other to the teeth and nails.

Don Al Jalabie is the sole biz-channel to Donito Muqty with Iran and Don Al Hakimo would like to impose a prohibition to the arms flow from Iran to Al-Thawra city. Bear in mind, Al Hakimo is the biggest client to Iran and would like to keep it a monopoly.

Wait, it gets even better. When Don Al Hakimo’s cartels (SCIRI-Badr) abducted Qhanbar’s nephew they have managed to hide him in Al Thawra (Sadr) city! It turned out that Don Al Hakimo has recruited some of Jaish Al Mahdi’s renegade too, who use Al-Thawra city as a base!! Don Al Jalabie’s rats in the Al Thawra city have been trying to locate the hide out of that soldier, which constantly prompts the contracted federal forces and the pentagon to raid places in Al-Thawra city. Oh yes, Don Al Jalabie pays extra for the federal forces special missions. And unlike some abducted soldier from the Midwest by the name of John Borkowsky or whoever, who could end up dead meat & bones in some desolate street of Baquba because his parents could not utilize the US tax payers properly; Don Al Jalabie uses the CIA’s allocated tax money in the right direction.

While all this happening in Chicago, Oops, Baghdad streets, Al Dulaimi’s family (IAF cartels) is planning to settle scores with Donito Muqty (poor Muqty, everyone has a score to settle with!).

When the contracted federal forces are tipped by Don Al Jalabie’s rats in the Al-Thawra city for a smelly house, the forces move swiftly for a raid and during the commotion Al Dulaimi’s family find a gap into the city.

Al Dulaimi’s family is famous for car bombs. Car bombs were found in their strongholds several times but the government could not act. Also, Don Al Dulaimi (the twirling head) has strong links with El-Macho: Harith Al Dhari.

The problem too is that Donito Muqty has no control over his loose cats in his own backyard.

Out of this whole mess (streets crimes, districts Katyusha wars, etc) comes El Padrino’s role – Allawi. El Padrino is the current streets wise man or better said the self-redeemed man! He has hope in uniting the warring families. However, El Pardino is pending the ultimate green light from the highest chamber to alter the streets rules – the constitution!

What has happened and what happens at Baghdad airport was and is always an enigma. It’s an alien chamber to most Iraqis. Iraqis wouldn’t know anything even if Ahmedinejad and Ehuh Olmert meet there to decide the fate of Iraq. For instance, Blair has made 4 unreported visits to Iraq and Condoleezza has made even more. Other visitors included the German & Russian foreign ministries, also, a NATO official.

Baghdad airport, once again, will be a turning point for the Mafioso cartels. Who will come on top and survive the turmoil? Who will pull it through? No on knows; however, there is one thing we all know that tomorrow we will keep on counting our daily innocents death scores.

Hope you have enjoyed your pack of popcorns.

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