Thursday, June 22, 2006

Lords of the Flies

Streets Streaks (eyewitness):

Today in Al Thawra city (Sadr) Abu Der’ra, his men and his admirers celebrated the
killing of Saddam defense lawyer. At around 11 am refreshments were served to the people in the streets and a heroic story is told of how the slain lawyer was car-paraded in Al Thawra city prior to his death.

BC –

Abu Der’ra (Jaish Al-Mahdi) is a product of subconscious resistance and conflicts based on stone-age economics. He is no better or worse than those US marines (Jaish Al-Pentagon) of the Haditha killings. When men are thrust through a threshold and gained power in a lawless environment, the aftermath is expressed in the suppression of the weak and in human sacrificial. However, this is one example of ‘mankind-victimized’ psychoanalysis, and there is a giant ocean of abstract world out there. That’s one reason why the invasion was fundamentally a mistake.

We have come to see that exercising forces and applying stiff-security plans have become a camouflage for the infiltrators killers in the security forces to liaise with gangs during night curfews, to commit horrific agenda-script crimes. The government and the invaders authorities are simply worthless in this hellish situation. The whole political apparatus to include the parliament is based on agenda-script crimes. And there is No Way Out.

How could the criminlas get passed check-points and take hostages to their ‘work sites’? How could corpses be dumped in fortified areas? Who could kill people even in the GZ? How can people leisurely streets-celebrate a murder without being apprehended? As one Iraqi writer rightfully coined today’s Iraq a killing culture.

Today there are public announcements for the extermination of our philosophers, writers, doctors, engineers; lawyers, professors etc and no one can do anything about it. We, the people, surely cannot take to the streets in peaceful demonstrations with candle lights in our hands to urge the end of violence, can we Mr. PM? And even if we do, would you be able to see us from your GZ?

The killing of a lawyer or a prosecutor in Iraq is a killing of prophet, is a killing of shamanist, is a killing of an aunt or an uncle, is a killing of a neighbor, and is a killing of a father or a mother. And unlike in other countries, our lawyers generally earn nothing but our venerate respect.

Abu Der’ra and his alike should get this straight; that when lawyers take a solemn oath at graduation to defend people as a sacred mission then you bet they will, and even if it’d cost them their lives. And they will defend not only Saddam but even those Lords of the Flies in hell like you and the Marines of Haditha.

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